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...the dapper Antivillains make a lovely sound— a mellow sweeping take on pop and old-time jazz. If there is any justice, So Much For Romance will find radio airplay.
— Time Our New York
The Antivillains sound is beautiful, memorable, and above all, now that I heavily examined it, ingenious — and So Much for Romance is no different.
— Sarra Sedghi The Blue Indian
On the group’s recently released album So Much For Romance, the siblings paint bucolic Midwestern soundscapes, and mourn lost romances on tracks like “The Only Sound”.
— WYNC Soundcheck
So Much for Romance is strikingly accomplished stuff for an independent debut, suggesting some missing link between the Sundays and This Mortal Coil (only with more engaging melodies), and the production and arrangements are remarkably intelligent and effective.
— Mark Deming Detroit Metro Times