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The AntiVillains

Midwest Nostalgia

The AntiVillains grew up in the post-industrial city of Toledo, Ohio.  Ten years, several records, and many miles in their wake, The AntiVillains continue to record and perform timeless original work, using their unique method of storytelling to convey themes of first loves, family tragedy, space travel, and nostalgia for their Great Lakes home. 

Farm Block Festival

July 26-28. Allouez, Michigan

Earthwork Harvest Festival

September 20 -21. Lake City, Michigan



Shooting Star 2017, Athems EP


So Much for Romance (2009)

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Sarah Cohen

lyrics, vocals, composition, guitar

Ben Cohen

vocals, bass, composition, electric guitar, rhodes

Sam Woldenberg

composition, kit, percussion, vocals

Petr Kharchenko

electric guitar, bass guitar

Lucas Madrazo

rhythm guitar, bass, vocals, percussion