To me it can mean, that in the end, even your best intentions end up hurting those you were actually trying to help or love.

It’s the opposite of an Anti Hero, someone who may have somewhat ulterior motives, but ends up on the good side of everyone. So with this in mind, we present an extremely personal style of music. Our songs central around lyrics that tell the story of the good guy gone wrong, love never won but always lost, towns sucked into themselves choking on the rusting infrastructure of a once thriving industry, feelings of never being able to quite get to that place we all thought we’d be at by now when we were kids together. Growing up in the same small town as a group, we all have different perspectives of the same story. All of us in the Antivillains have a heart for travel. By touring, we are able to add to the existing narrative of that community’s culture while sharing our own. Our songs are changing as we change, our style progresses as we do as a group. We are learning everyday how to take our mistakes and live with them.
— Sarah

Sarah Cohen

lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar

Ben Cohen

vocals, bass guitar, composition, electric guitar, rhodes

Sam Woldenberg

composition, kit, percussion

Petr Kharchenko

electric guitar, bass guitar