MidWest Nostalgia


"Born To Lose"

The AntiVillains - Original Music Video - Ben & Joe Cohen


The Go Rounds, Chris Bathgate, & The ANtiVillains

March/April 2015 Tour


"Marilyn" : Sixtyten Sessions

 Apr 24, 2015 - Just before The Antivillains set out for their spring tour, they dropped by Sixtyten.


"Townes' Blues"

Jan 19, 2015


Ben singing With Congolese Children

"So I taught about 30 young kids in the town of Kinyezire the Antivillains' song 'So Much For Romance.' By the next day it seemed like every kid I would meet would greet me with 'Bah bah bah bah bah' or 'So much for Romance' --- the tune traveled throughout the young people of the town like wildfire. It was truly inspiring and a good example of music being a bridge that transcends language and cultural barriers." -- Ben Cohen of Radiant City Arts. Check out their Kickstarter, which will allow them, in collaboration with Eathwork Music, to produce the soundtrack for the recent Run Across Congo 


Barn Stage at Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2014

Sep 29, 2014


"After the Snow Fall"

Taking inspiration from la blogotheque, I joined the Antivillains on a trip to play some music in woods that we all used to go to as kids. It was amazing to see the woods from a different view and filled with great music.  Isaac Cohen 2010


"Before You Know" 

The Antivillains practice the song "Before You Know" at the Collingwood Art's Center. 
Isaac Cohen 2010