Anthems - EP (2017)

Anthems - EP (2017)



Inside of a silk-screened recycled sleeve. Includes a 2-side Full Color Poster with Lyrics and a photo of Roche de Boeuf

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Our lives have changed immensely since we started recording these songs 4 years ago. With the passing of Alan and Donna Cohen, the world around us shifted and shook. In time, we grew stronger and continue to write music. At times we thought of abandoning the project and starting over, but instead, we worked even harder to give these songs new meaning and purpose.

ANTHEMS, explores bold sounds and sweeping landscapes. The opening track "Sirens" is a lullabye, a mythical dream, "Before You Know" speaks of regret and lost time, "Come Back Down" is a story of a banished superhero and a homage to our Mother. "Running After You" is a film noir vibe, while "Shooting Star" is a luscious pop dream.

Play it for your friends, play it for your family, and remember to let loose once in awhile. Thank you so much for playing a part in our dream.